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Iraq War: Tribute Videos

This collection contains user-submitted videos made in tribute to the events and people involved in the Iraq War.

The Iraq War Collection

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This movie is a dark, patriotic tribute to the fallen soldiers of the U.S. armed forces. It uses some clips from the Prelinger archives as well as from some *other* sources to demonstrate the themes of both songs, the first being the classic anti-war tune by The Doors and the second part is an unaltered live performance by Rage Against The Machine which is a tad bit more charged with righteous indignation towards the war machine, but also resonates lyrically and emotionally with the Doors'...
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Topics: soldier, war, television
Iraq War: Tribute Videos
The "Fight for Freedom" Music Video - The United States Military Armed Forces who serve under the American flag and fight to preserve freedom are honored in this music video. Most of the video includes the United States Marines as well as the U.S. ARMY while serving in Afghanistan and Iraq.
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Topics: music video, america, fight for freedom, troops, tanks, iraq, war, american flag, honor, military,...
Iraq War: Tribute Videos
by Taylor Baughn
Collection of war footage and photos ranging from WWI to present. Tribute to all who gave their lives in defense of our country. Set to the Band of Brothers Theme by Michael Kamen. (incorrectly listed in credits as Michael Giacchino. oops!)
Topics: war, WWI, WWII, Vietnam, soldiers, iraq, combat
Iraq War: Tribute Videos
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Iraq War: Tribute Videos
by Cam Cornelius
Tribute to the patriotism of Americans after 9-11. This video was shown on WSMV-TV in Nashville. The work was edited by Cam Cornelius and contains video shot by Cam Cornelius, Kyle Thigpen, WSMV-TV, and NBC News.
Topics: 9-11, 911, September, 11, wsmv, patriotism, September 11, New York, Nashville, Gallatin, Tennessee,...
Lindsey James joined the U.S. Army on January 18, 2002 and was deployed to Iraq twice. He died in the service of his country on January 29, 2005, while performing security foot patrol for Iraq's first election. He was years 23 years old. This is Lindsey's story, told by his mother Sandra McFarland.